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Vellano Country Club Hole by Hole descriptions and tips


No. 1             351 yards – The opening par 4 hole drops 70 feet from the back tee to the fairway, so drivers will not see much action. Watch for the canyon down the left side and through the fairway as everything runs that direction. The green is slightly elevated above fairway level and is only 15 yards deep, distance control is a must.

No. 2             149 yards – A nice opening par 3 playing a bit shorter than it appears due to the prevailing wind at your back. Bunkers surround the front and left sides with plenty of room to hit this rolling green which provides plenty of hole locations.

No. 3             531 yards - What a view! A fantastic tee shot across the canyon downhill to a sliver of fairway between the oaks. This hole plays much shorter than the yardage but makes up for with a premium on precision each shot. Green is surrounded by sand bunkers so gauge your approach wisely.

No. 4             385 yards - This downhill, slightly right dogleg drops 80 feet from the back tee. Careful as the creek meanders down the right side of the fairway and everything runs in that direction. Green is 20 feet above the fairway and almost 50 yards deep so be careful on club selection!


No. 5             326 yards - An uphill par 4 playing longer than it appears. This is a great “risk-reward” hole as the bunkers on the right may be carried by the longer hitter trying to drive near the green. The safe play is to the large left side of the fairway and pitch over the sand bunkers onto the green.

No. 6             411 yards – The best looking tee of the day! From an elevated tee, surrounded by boulders, this tee shot must carry across a canyon of oak trees. The hole plays downhill and downwind so is not as long as it looks. The green complex runs slightly away from the fairway with two distinct levels running the length of this deep green. This hole is the beginning of our “miracle mile” holes 6-14, a challenging stretch that will test our entire membership!

No. 7             515 yards - This mid-length par 5 will test your skill on each shot. A long tee shot helps your chances of going at the green on the second shot. Otherwise a lay up short of the canyon is called for. Miss all three shots to the right and they should kick down the hill into the center. In other words, avoid the left side of the entire hole.

No. 8             227 yards – This par 3 is completely different from No. 2 in that it plays a longer due to the prevailing wind toward the tee and it is uphill!  Saving bunkers line the left side of the green with plenty of room on the hill right re-directing golf balls onto this rolling green.

No. 9            344 yards - Watch for the canyon off the tee as all tee shots must carry the ravene of oaks first!  This dogleg right climbs from the fairway up to a beautiful punchbowl shaped green complex.  

No. 10               390 yards – A long dogleg left par 4 playing longer into the prevailing wind. Tee shot must be kept right to avoid the slope left of the fairway while several bunkers protect this green.

No. 11               406 yards – Another fantastic view looking back toward the clubhouse and valley below. Second shot plays uphill to a well protected rolling green.

No. 12               392 yards – A slight dogleg left par 4 that will play downhill from the tee and then back up toward the green. Getting this one in the fairway is a must to avoid the canyon left.

No. 13               222 yards – Another beautiful but exacting par 3 playing a bit shorter than it appears due to the wind at your back but don’t be short. Deep bunkers surround the front right but there is a small run-up fairway for those wanting to take the safe route. The green is carved out of the hillside creating a great setting.

No. 14               458 yards - This par 5 will test your skill on each shot. An accurate tee shot and layup helps your chances of getting close on your approach. Trouble lurks everywhere on this, the final hole of the “miracle mile”.

No. 15               301 yards – A short but narrow par 4 will give those wanting to take a chance the ultimate in risk-reward. The longer the tee ball the better the chance at a short approach up the hill. This green will appear like an “infinity pool” in which there is no backdrop to assist with depth perception. Miss any shot to the right as the left side of this hole leads to the canyon and disaster.
No. 16              130 yards – The shortest hole on the course may not look like more than a pitch shot but is actually an exacting test of skill and nerve! The hole plays uphill so again the actual depth of the green will be difficult to judge. Saving bunkers run the entire left side all the way to the back to catch any type of long or pulled shot.

No. 17              414 yards – The last par 4 hole drops 90 feet to the fairway but it still plays long. Watch for the canyon down the left side and through the fairway as everything runs that direction. Once in the fairway, don’t let the beautiful waterfall distract you from the task at hand, hitting the large green surrounded by trouble. Upon reaching the green don’t let the gentle sound of the waterfall lull you into missing your birdie putt.

No. 18              554 yards – This uphill par 5 is all about position. A long tee shot helps but accuracy is the premium to avoid canyon or bunkers on the first two shots. The third shot up and over one large bunker is the key to scoring well on this hole. 

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